The MTPA global network

The MTPA global network

The MTPA global network -Metropolitan and Territorial Planning Agencies- gathers since 2016 urban planning agencies from all around the world, in all their diversity and complementarity. In order to enhance their expertise on territorial subjects, the MTPA aims to promote their voice in the major international debates, but also to reinforce peer-to-peer cooperation. It is an association with an international purpose, governed by French law. This network was launched by various federations of urban planning agencies during a networking event hosted at the United Nations Conference about Housing and Sustainable urban development (Habitat III) in Quito, in October 2016.


Urban planning agencies are a framework for expertise and technical advice towards local authorities. The goal of the MTPA is to gather urban planning agencies and their respective networks in order to promote best practices and knowledge transfers. Indeed, nowadays cities all around the globe face similar issues, including: climate change, evolution of transports, energies, rise of social inequalities and exclusion. As a consequence, the MTPA intends to lead urban planning agencies towards working closely for common solutions. The MTPA also aims to support territories and cities willing to create urban planning agencies.


The MTPA global network is comprised of urban planning agencies and networks of urban planning agencies from all continents. Members and partners meet every year for the General Assembly of the network, but also meet during international events such as the World Urban Forums, UN Habitat conferences or during events of the members themselves.

Its missions

The mission of the MTPA network is to promote and advocate the voice of metropolitan and territorial planning agencies. To foster peer-to-peer cooperation and to take part in international debates, its activities are as follows :

-best-practice benchmarking, and international working groups on specific territorial planning topics

-an expertise on international agreements regarding sustainable territorial planning

-monitoring on call for projects launched by development banking institutions

-expertise towards local authorities, especially regarding the launching of new urban planning agencies

Its statutes

The Metropolitan and Territorial Planning Agencies global Network (MTPA) is an association governed by the 1901 French law.

Its headquarters are located in Paris, at 22 rue Joubert, 75009 PARIS.

You would like to know more about the MTPA?

The MTPA aims to expand and welcome more and more urban planning agencies around the world. If you want to know more about our network, become a member or a partner, please fill in the form to get in touch with us.