MAJAL Federation

Fédération des Agences Urbaines du Maroc (Majal)
Siège du Ministère de l’Urbanisme et de l’Aménagement du Territoire
Angle Avenue Mehdi Benbarka et Annakhil, immeuble Fadaa Ennakhil 1, Quartier Riad, Rabat
10107 Maroc

Phone number : +212 – (0)537572162
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The federation of Urban Planning Agencies in Morocco (MAJAL) is a non-profit association registered by the Moroccan law. It was created to constitute a network between the urban planning agencies in the kingdom.

Since 10 years, MAJAL offers the experience of its members to the stakeholders in urban and territorial planning. Thus it became a strong actor in elaboration and assessment of policies in that area.

Since the creation of the first urban planning agency in Morocco in 1984, in Casablanca, the network has not stopped to grow. There are, nowadays, 30 urban planning agencies and 1700 experts. These institutions are under the Ministry of Urban and Territorial Planning. They are public institutions that have prerogatives in urban and territorial planning and development, urban planning documents and authorizations, control of works. They assist the local governments in their development strategy.


MAJAL ensures to:

  • Promote and disseminate knowledge in the areas useful to manage, plan and develop the territories;
  • Encourage all the research and studies that can contribute to a better organization of urban and rural spaces, the improvement of the environment and the living conditions of the populations;
  • Foster the sharing of the means and the efforts of urban planning agencies in order to achieve common goals (studies, formation, cooperation);


The main activities of MAJAL are:

  • To share and disseminate good practices by organizing national events and thematic activities for the urban planning agencies about strategic priorities in urban and territorial planning;
  • To publish reports and studies on several subjects linked to the urban planning agencies;
  • To accomplish common activities in this area;
  • To promote partnerships with national and international organization that share subjects with urban planning agencies.

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