Agence d’urbanisme pour le développement de l’agglomération lyonnaise
Equipe UrbaLyon
Tour Part-Dieu,
22nd and 23rd floors,
129, rue servient,
69 326 LYON cedex 03

Phone : 04-81-92-33-00
Website :

Rencontre des Présidents de l’inter-Scot avec le Préfet de Région, 14 février 2017 © S. ROLLAND

The urban planning agency of Lyon metropolis

The urban planning agency of Lyon metropolis is an association that is registered by the 1901 French law on association.Today, it brings together forty partners in the general interest: local authorities, the state, mixed unions, consular chambers …

The mission of general interest entrusted to the Agency is to contribute, through its work, to the harmonization of public policies (Article L121-3 of the Urban Planning Code). UrbaLyon intervenes in city planning, urban projects and observation studies. The Agency produces analysis and makes proposals to lead technical groups and enlighten elected officials. Conjugating urban studies and inter-institutional animation means allowing the different actors of spatial planning to confront their points of view and coordinate their actions.


The urban agency works on several subjects:

  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Urban policy
  • Transports
  • Property
  • Projects
  • Urban composition
  • Agriculture
  • Socio demography
  • Planning
  • Patrimony
  • New technology
  • Culture

The urban planning agency of Lyon metropolis also has international activities and assists the metropolis in the framework of decentralized cooperation.

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