ADR Bamako

The Regional Development Agencies of Mali (ADR) are Regional Public Organizations created on April 2th 2015, including the ADR Bamako. In 2016 were implemented the ADR after the General directors have been elected. The staff was hired this same year.



ADR are legal entities and are financially independent. Their mission is to promote the regional and local development and assist local governments in the following subjects:

  • Development and planning according to the prerogatives of the local authorities and to the policies that were defined by the Malian government
  • Preparing and programing the development activities, especially in the improvement of the infrastructures, equipment and public services to the population
  • Realizing activities of development, especially in infrastructures building, equipment and their implementation
  • Managing of the services of local authorities
  • Mobilizing resources to finance regional and local development.


The activities of the ADR of Bamako are:

  • Urban marketing for the city of Bamako;
  • Promoting the “soft modes of transport” and the “Pedestrian boulevard”;
  • Reinforcing the technical capacities of the local authorities in term of strategic urban planning;
  • Elaborating structural projects in the metropolitan area of Bamako.


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